2016: Make a Decision

Happy New Years! Congratulations you’ve made it to 2016. You’ve survived storms, questionable politicians running for office, world events, social media trends, and last but not least you’ve survived through your own issues.

While I thoroughly believe there is absolutely no date, time, or person you should wait for to change. I do believe there is a certain amount of rejuvenation a new year brings. This morning I woke up with doubt. There is a lot I’d like to change about myself, but I was feeling as if I won’t see those changes in the New Year. I woke up with disbelief that I’d have the ability to be great in this year. Then God reminded me of a similar season of my life a few years ago where he changed me completely when I doubted him.

It was the season of my life where I was reintroduced to Christ. I was in an unhappy place in my life. My great aunt had passed a few days before thanksgiving, I was unemployed, and ties were being broken with a person I was dating at the time. On my birthday, (which is a few days before the New Year) I had prayed for God to change my life, and I would truly live for him. As I prayed that prayer, I didn’t expect for anything to change that next year, but it did. Each day that New Year I walked closer to God. I started to make decisions that would change my lifestyle internally and externally. I allowed God to change my mindset on many things. I embraced healthier living and lost twenty plus pounds. I made the decision to not be depressed about unemployment and God landed me with a job that gave me great experience. I refrained from entertaining just any man who wanted to pursue me, and he gave me peace about being single. I died to my attitudes, habits, and laziness that didn’t welcome an atmosphere for God to work in. Absolutely none of those mentioned things were easy, but they became possible.

Day by day in that New Year I began to see results of decisions I decided to make. I pulled out what didn’t produce fruit in my life. I rejected the notion that a New Year could change much in me, and that I was actually right about! A year is only time, and its powerless without proper direction. When I decided to take direction from the Author of time, I finally saw progress that took years for me to see on my own without his direction.

This post isn’t proclaiming that I’ve arrived. But, I sense that people are broken in spirit. They’ve rejected the possibility of becoming more than what they see. A New Year for some of you presents new worries and new anxieties. But in order to receive greater in your life, you must have vision to see beyond your issues.There’s a lot of lies going around. The worst lies aren’t the ones you’ve heard about yourself, but the ones you tell yourself. Some of you have been telling yourself some lies like:

“I’m never going to pay this loan off.”

“I’m always going to have this weight.”

“I’m never going to have a relationship.”

“I’m not going to end up getting married.”

“I’m always going to be in this drama.”

“I don’t have time to…”

“I’m too tired to…”

“I’ll always be bad at…”

“I’ll just do it another time.”

Stop…just stop. I say this with love, but it’s not that you can’t do what you want to do, it’s not that you don’t have time to do what you want to do. It’s just that well…

You’re not allowing yourself to! You’re being too lazy to pursue these things. I say this because I’ve used all said excuses. I was already in a bad place, and those lies kept me in the bad place. I tricked myself into thinking things aren’t temporary. I tricked myself into seriously believing God didn’t have plans for me because I couldn’t see or feel it. Side note: Feelings, and sight are horrible indications of what God can do in your life.

So when I woke up this morning with doubt on the first day, of the New Year. I felt God giving me the side eye. He had already did it for me, He already had the plans made out for me, and He was just waiting on me to decide.

So, today beloved, I give you this prompt:

Make a decision. Decide who you will be this New Year. Decide for yourself if you will lean onto your own understanding, or take direction from the One who created you. Decide today if you’re going to use the same tired ol’ excuses you used in 2011, 2012, 2013, 2014, and in 2015!

I’m not going to be all churchy, (at least not today) and tell you to claim and declare this year. But, I will tell you that although God has plans for you, your days are numbered according to His will and not yours. Each day you delay your decision it works against you. There are programs, foundations, books, pieces, productions, and people who are relying on your obedience in saying yes to your calling. Not only just a vocal yes, but an active yes! People think we have all this time to do things. No sir, no mam, your time is now.

Lets get it together for 2016. Let’s do things to the fullest ability derived from the authority we have from walking in Christ.


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