Seven Ways You’ve Become Your Biggest Enemy

Today is day 19 of the new year! By now, you have hopefully taken steps towards your resolutions, goals, and visions for this new year. In the midst of becoming a better you, there is a very real antagonist you must face. This opponent sometimes is given the least blame in why you haven’t seen other visions and goals come to pass. This enemy is very crafty and knows you very well. What person could be guilty of such treachery in your life? Well, my friend, that person is you! Today, we explore the 7 ways you have worked against yourself and became your biggest enemy.

1.You’ve settled
Let’s face it, you know you deserve better. It’s become easier for you to settle for mediocrity than to aspire for more in your life. You’ve actually become quite accustomed to the the job positions you know you’re overqualified for, the constant disrespect from other people, or that relationship that doesn’t meet your standards. You aren’t happy, but it’s better than nothing. You know you can do better, but you’ll be okay with barely reaching enough. It’s not enough! Require more so you can acquire more. Understand that you cannot be sold at just any price someone stamps on you.
2.You procrastinate
You say the words: “I’ll do it later” often. Time is not of the essence to you because you assume that you’re just always going to have more time. But, time isn’t promised. We tend to put emphasis on the future but yet, fail to understand what one chooses to do today is the future’s results. Time management is one of the most effective things you can learn to do. Budget time as you would your money.
3. You don’t plan
I know you’ve heard the old adage “failing to plan is planning to fail.” but still, you don’t plan a thing. How can you succeed in anything without planning? You wonder why things don’t work out in your favor, why things never fall together, and why you find yourself in the same situations. Planning is taking the time to meet your vision. It’s finding ways to develop the vision. It’s putting a date to the vision. A person without plans is a person without purpose. Make a plan, set the date, and then expect.
4.You are cluttered
Oh the mess! You are so messy. There is so much going on with you that you can’t even focus on one specific thing. It’s clogging your thinking, and distracting you from what’s important. Your mind is so cluttered, that it even shows in the disorganization of your personal or office space. Take a moment and clear it out. Exhaust out the stench of unnecessary situations from your life. It’s casting you down, and makes you feel heavy. You don’t have to be in constant chaos. Be reminded that everything is a choice. Prioritize what’s important, and leave the rest in God’s hands. Be focused, don’t let things build up, and be intentional about keeping a clear mind.
5.You don’t speak up
Assert yo’ self man/woman. You have a voice and it matters. Your voice matters whether people listen or not. It matters whether people take heed to what you say or not! In the bible Jesus would say “Whoever has ears to hear let them hear…”. See, Jesus already knew what he had to say was regardless. If the people didn’t listen they were left to their own demises, but, what he spoke was true, and those who listened were impacted positively because of it. Don’t be afraid, ashamed, or embarrassed of what you have to say. Don’t be intimidated into going with the grain. When you speak, let it speak volumes. Let your words be full of integrity. Let rivers of wisdom flow out of your mouth. But, don’t allow yourself to not say anything because then you underestimate the power of life which lies in your tongue.
6. You don’t make new friends
No new friends is your motto. You’ve been running with the same crew since high school, and while I find your loyalty commendable, it doesn’t mean your crew is still compatible. Do your feathers still look alike anymore in all honesty? New friends and associates brings in new favor. It brings resources. It brings sharpening. The right type of friend challenges you, not only compliments you. The right type of friend encourages and empowers you. You might be going somewhere that you can’t take every single friend with. Learn to meet new people and do new things. Staying stagnant in this area will never give you any real growth. While old friends are wonderful and a gift, so is the divine appointment of new friends, or groups that God can send your way.
7. You don’t reflect
The greatest disservice you can do to yourself is to not reflect about the decisions you make. To reflect is to think carefully or intimately about something. If you’re always on the go, you might miss the signs and flags telling you to be careful, to yield, to proceed with caution. You might miss your faults in dealing with people. You might see yourself in either a better light than you ought to, or a rather bad light. Reflection takes true vulnerability and honesty.  Reflection improves you on the inside so the outside can perform better. Reflect through prayer, through meditation, reading, writing, or simply just in deep thought. Allow for every thought to flow. Remember that reflection is to build up and to not build down, so be reminded that any condemning or negative thought that comes up during reflection must be captured and submitted to what God says about you.
I hope these 7 ways of how you became your biggest enemy has equipped you for the greatness coming in 2016. Remember to get out of your own way. No longer be a prisoner to your own mind. I came to realize that if God is for me then nobody including I can be against me. Don’t let your thoughts enslave you any longer, but be free in knowing the strategies of one of your worst opponents was found out and exposed to your benefit!
“The purposes of a person’s heart are deep waters, but one who has insight draws them out.” Proverbs 20:5

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