God isn’t Nice, He’s Good

I just wanted to share this sentiment with you that hit me! I was watching “heart chats” with Sarah Jakes Roberts from One Church on YouTube and it was a session with women talking about different issues of the heart. One of the panelist said something that stuck with me, and it was: “God isn’t nice, He’s good.” Wow! So obvious, yet so accurate.

I don’t know about you all, but I feel like lately if I don’t run into one thing, I’m SURE to run into another. Things feel extremely unclear for me right now, and it seems as if everything I want is being shut down with a “No”.

I wish God would just give me every thing I want in the exact way I want it. While, I know that’s not going to happen, I actually get joy in knowing that God won’t be “nice” to me. And you know what? He doesn’t have to be nice to me, because he’s good-and that’s more than enough. I’m thankful that God asks me to trust in him and not my own ideas and understandings of how my life should go.

There’s so much we don’t see, but we have to trust, believe, and know for a fact that God is good. He’s a  good Father!

I encourage you today that even though things might not always seem right, make sense, or even seem fair, don’t let His “no” stop you from ever believing that even a no from God isn’t filled with his promise of a hope and a future for you. His “no” is dripping in favor, mercy, love, and peace. These are all things you deserve, so remember, like the panelist so beautifully said with a twist of my naturally tough yet loving attitude: God ain’t got to be nice to you, he’s too busy being GOOD to you.







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