Wife Wars…

Wow, love this!

Hurt Fills Good

I was a wife… at least in my mind I was.

I assumed the responsibility of loving a man who was the husband of another woman.

I really jumped right in…sheesh. Maybe I’ll start again and go a little slower…

so here goes….

I met him and my heart was drawn to him instantly. He so effortlessly played the beat of my heart and made my heart smile…I loved him.

For months we exchanged innocent glances sprinkled with attraction. Our conversation short…but so intriguing I knew there was more to this man.

He was gentle, charming, hilarious, caring, loving, musical, tall, dark and handsome…he was the definition of “my type.”

We fell into friendship and ultimately love. He would visit with me and we would talk for hours.

Then it happened. I find out he was engaged.


I talk to you every single day…and you refer to a…

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