#UnrevealedQueenThoughts: Breaking Through Mediocrity

…at any age I don’t have to be a slave to stagnancy.


#Unrevealedqueenthoughts : The Miscommunication of the Man

Every so often I’d like to put up a blog post called #unrevealedqueenthoughts. They will be short and sweet random thoughts that cross my mind every so often. Today I present to you: #unrevealedqueenthoughts : The Miscommunication of the Man In the past few years, despite being in my early twenties I have started to…… Continue reading #Unrevealedqueenthoughts : The Miscommunication of the Man

Evicting False Thoughts from Your Mind Space

A lot of the time these thoughts start as a child. We adopted them from what others said about us. Like when we got teased for our skin tone, hair, weight or whatever thing that made us appear to be different from others. Sometimes these thoughts came from rumors and lies that others spewed out about us. We heard their voices say so many wrong things about us that suddenly their voices became the voice in our own head.