#UnrevealedQueenThoughts: Breaking Through Mediocrity

Welcome back to the #UnrevealedQueenThoughts series!

Lately, I’ve been in a place the past few months where I’ve felt and physically been alone. I’m not as out there as I used to. I’m not talking on the phone as constantly as I used to. To some, this may sound concerning but I think its been awesome. Why? Well, in this place of being alone I’ve had a lot of time. Okay, PLENTY of time to think, read, evaluate, create, and observe. I think sometimes when I get so busy, that I just get caught up in getting through the day just to start the next day. In this time alone, I began to rethink this cycle. This 9-5 cycle, this entering debt to learn information and not find a good job cycle, this rather stagnant cycle. Now, I’m not knocking anyone with a solid job or career, or  if you’re in school. I’m proud of you queens who are working and studying hard. Getting an education and working a 9-5 are things I’ve done and still need to do. But, I’ve just been questioning whether it’s the life that I personally want to live long term.I’m a young twenty something and I have to keep reminding myself that I don’t have to be a slave to stagnancy. In fact, at any age I don’t have to be a slave to stagnancy.

Every day, so many new ideas come to my head. I feel inspired by the smallest of things. But, at the same time, I feel as if there is a ceiling on top of these thoughts. My ideas are ascending but they can go only go so far because I have this aggravating ceiling hovering over them. With a tired spirit, I feel like screaming out sometimes: “Stop being comfortable with mediocrity!”

Mediocre feels like unchanged habits.

It feels like being handcuffed to a cubicle.

It feels like paying Sallie Mae while working a job I just can’t stand.

It feels like a cross between doubts and laziness.

It feels like wasted potential.

I don’t want to look at myself twenty years from now, and still be trying to defeat mediocrity. I don’t want to look back on my life and wish I pursued all the ideas my young mind once had. It often scares me to live a life that didn’t impact, change, or influence.

Today however, I’m breaking the ceiling that’s hovering over me. I’m throwing my dreams, visions, and hard work at it until it shatters. I’m pushing past any barrier that’s been holding me back!


I’m pushing past toxic relationships.

I’m pushing past laziness.

I’m pushing past comfort.

I’m pushing past stagnancy.

I’m going to break through mediocrity.

Queens,  address the ceiling in your life, and join me in breaking through.




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