Accepting The Past & Living in The Now

I have a bad habit of holding onto what never happened. I’m attached to things I never quite had a grasp of. I’ve been a resident of my past for quite too long. I continue to run on fantasies and wishful thinking. In more simple terms-I’m being delusional.

Well, I have been delusional,  until I decided to accept that I can’t change what happened and I have to focus on what is happening. And if you are holding onto the thought of something or someone and not the reality, I just ask you pull up a chair to Accepting Actualities Anonymous.

I want you to say this with me: “I, (insert full name here), must learn to move forward.”

Moving forward from what you ask?

Anything and anyone that doesn’t exist in your current space.

So yes that means,

That friend who isn’t there anymore.
The job that didn’t fall through.
The person who left you.
The time you acted horribly to someone.
The time someone acted horribly to you.
Every mistake.
Every accident.
Every shortfall.

Let it go and move on!

We hold onto the past because we don’t see hope in our future. But have you forgotten that God says He knows the plans He has for you? Do you remember He has plans to give you hope and a future? Understand every character dismissal, depth, and plot twist are skillfully planned in your life. Fall in love with the unknown. Make peace with your mystery. The more we focus on what we think should have happened in our lives the more we tell God we don’t trust his plan for our life. Learn to embrace God as the Director of your life.

To the half empty cup folks, the grass is greener on the other side folks, the ones who focus on what coulda’, shoulda’ been folks:

Be grateful for those who left and appreciate those who stayed. The things of your past aren’t tied to your future. So learn the gift of goodbye and embrace the presence of your present.

Be blessed all!




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