Why it doesn’t Matter Who Claps for You

Ever heard of these quotes?

  • “Support your friend’s businesses and progressions like you support celebrities you don’t know.”
  • “Friends won’t start supporting you until strangers start celebrating you.”
  • “You want to know who your friends are? Start your own business and ask for their support.”

I’ve noticed some quotes and memes floating around about how there is often a lack of support from people who are closest to you. I guess the message behind it is that those who walk with you need to applaud you and push your interests, accomplishments, services, or businesses. While that is true. I’ve learned from experience that it really doesn’t matter who supports or applauds you when you live for an audience of one. That one is whom you should seek ultimate approval and applause from, and he is God.

I absolutely love it when my friends brag on me, congratulate me, share, post, and read my work. I love it when they often push my product more than I do my own self. But, at the same time I don’t look for them to do that. I don’t shove it down their throat. I don’t blow up their social media with it. I also don’t get mad at my friends that don’t acknowledge my work or show me any love in my writing or accomplishments.

I do take note in my head of close friends who do support me solely for the reason that it’s important to surround myself with people who protect, pray for, and empower the visions God places within me. But, for those who don’t support me I absolutely don’t penalize them for it. It’s absolutely okay, plus who’s  to say they even like my work? Lol! Who’s to say they even feel like they can benefit from my work? I cannot put a gun to their head for them to acknowledge me. That’s not only crazy but extremely prideful. I’m not that important.

By getting angry about those who don’t support you, you start thinking that you actually need someone’s validation. Your work does not suddenly become inadequate when somebody doesn’t clap for it. Stop pointing people to yourself and point them to God. Their opinions, shares, re-posts, dollars, and etc do not legitimize your work.

See, when you’re busy working in purpose, God elevates you regardless of who is watching and commenting. When you’re busy working in purpose you don’t stop to notice those who haven’t stopped to notice you. You complaining about lack of support will not gain you their support. Plus, if their support isn’t genuine, why would you want it anyway?

Social media has a lot of people acting very self-centered. It’s all about self, selfies, and what you can sell me. Don’t get me wrong I’m not against marketing, selfies, or trying to make some coins! However, there is a fine line between marketing and shoving things down people’s throats. If you’re guilty of that- stop! Take a moment to track down the moment where it became about you and bring it back to the product and how it can bless people.

Keep your eyes fixed on the goal at hand. You’re a manager over the work that God is CEO of. Work as onto Him and follow his principles for work ethic. When you practice humility, and servitude in your craft God honors that.

Read some books from successful people in your craft, attend events to network with people, make friends in your field. Appreciate the ones who do support you. Keep conquering and accomplishing.

It’s not about what you can do that needs to be noticed and applauded it’s about what God can do through you that is worthy of praise.

Keep focused!

Blessings Queens!


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