Cranes in the Sky & My Cry for Christ

Cranes in the Sky is a call for Christ.

Some of y’all might be thinking um, excuse me, what are you talking about? At what point does Cranes in the Sky cross with Jesus?

I’ll tell you how….

I love, love, love Solange’s new album ” A Seat at the Table”. It’s a mixture of raw emotion, recognition, and the struggles the modern day black woman carries.
My absolute favorite song on the album is Cranes in the Sky. It speaks to the void we all have in our life at one point or another. This void causes us to have these emotions of loneliness, abandonment, and rejection. It’s constantly there, and every so often the void causes us to do the silliest of things. My voids caused me to spend ridiculous amounts of money, get super drunk, date men who did not respect me, and so much more. What I was looking for in a new pair of heels was the same thing I was looking for in a bottle of patron, or that super fine guy who treated me horribly. I was looking for something that could make me feel loved, permanently happy, and cared about. I couldn’t find that anywhere so I kept looking in the wrong places, just hoping that the one rock I turned over would show me where my treasure was.

“I tried to drink it away.

I tried to put one in the air.

I tried to dance it away.

I tried to change it with my hair.

I ran my credit card bill up

Thought a new dress would make it better

I tried to work it away

But that just made me even sadder

I tried to keep myself busy

I ran around in circles

Think I made myself dizzy

I slept it away, I sexed it away

I read it away”

– Cranes in the Sky

Cranes in the Sky video imagery

It saddens me to look back on my life and see how much I would of been able to identify exactly with this song, but God.

The club couldn’t fill me. The new hair wouldn’t distract me. Working overtime couldn’t make me get my mind off it. Binge watching Scandal, sleeping all day, hanging out with friends, and giving my body away to men could not fill this void. I would always be going back for a refill for something only God could have me never thirst for again.
I know even in those moments God was with me, and waiting on His precious daughter to turn from what the world offered me, and look to Him. I picture Him as the loving Father he is, watching me search everywhere for Him but, the place He told me where he could find me.

It’s like when you ask your mother if she has seen your keys, and your mother tells you to look some where very specific but, you ignore her because you KNOW there is no way your keys could ever end up there. Then, after looking through every dark place and turning over every garbage can, you then finally look in the place your mom told you to look in the first place. You sigh of relief and grab your keys, but, not before you hear the sound of your mother’s “I told you so’s” from the kitchen.

That’s exactly what God says to us repeatedly. For whatever reason we think we’ll find our key in some complex, and unthinkable place, when really it’s in plain sight.
Solange’s song was my cry for Christ. It was my moment of acknowledgement that my voids were not being filled by the things I claimed made me happy. It was the moment right before my surrender and yielding of my empty parts to God. It’s not yet my point of surrender, but the part of me that recognized I needed to. It’s the tears I had, as I spoke to my best friend about why the guy of the moment wouldn’t treat me as I deserve.

Cranes in the Sky was my truth sung by the melancholy, and sweet voice of Solange. I know if I heard this song back at nineteen/twenty years old it would of pierced my soul like the Holy spirit’s double edge sword that turned my life around shortly after. It would of been a mirror to my flaws, insecurities, and lack of peace in my life.

Now today, more rooted in God than I’ve ever been, I find joy that although I like this song, I no longer am the woman who can identify with this song. Still, my heart hurts for women who know this song all too well, and sing it as a pacifier to their pain. I know somewhere this song is self-medicating someone who hasn’t found peace in Christ. I pray for the woman even in Christ who doesn’t recognize that God see’s her and doesn’t want her searching for Him in men, clothes, money, or any other empty place. I pray for that the woman or man who has yet to encounter Jesus as the overwhelming, loving, peaceful, and filling God that He is. My hope is that women won’t continue in void-fillers but fill their voids with Him.

Blessings Queens!


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