Walking Confidently into 2017

Oh my goodness Queens! I can’t believe it’s almost 2017, it seems like yesterday it was January, and I wrote my blog ” 2016: Make a Decision“. Now here we are in the final days of 2016 ready to face 2017.

Now, I don’t know about y’all but, this year was EASILY one of the worst years of my life. As I transition into 2017, I think it’s important to reflect on this past year. I had some losses, but God used every single one to teach me a life lesson.

This year, I had to trust God on a deeper level than ever before. I faced issues with school but God brought me to my college graduation. Around the same time, I left a job I was at for years and was forced to accept an unpaid internship which only led me to spend nearly half the year unemployed! ( I learned how to hustle and save y’all)

My perception of trust was completely broken over and over by different people. I mourned deaths. I went through heart break. A close friendship of 8+ years ended on a bad note despite my best efforts. But, even within those losses of relationships, I learned the valuable gift of goodbye! (See:  Releasing The People Who Aren’t For You )

But it wasn’t all bad….

I embraced me this year, my flaws, my character, my naturally curly hair lol! My purpose was ignited in this year. I know have a clearer vision of how God is going to use me. I wrote a book titled The Unrevealed Queen (coming to Amazon soon.)

After six months of unemployment God used another interest of mine and a sister in Christ to place me in a job that will be the footstool to this new entrepreneurial mindset I’ve embraced. It was amazing to see that God heard my prayers and moved in a way that only He could do.

I grew in faith, my prayer life became stronger, and I now know that all the bad that happened is being used for me and not against me.

Year 2017 is the year of alignment for me. I’m preparing myself for restoration, freedom, a new home, and a new outlook on life. After this year, man, NOBODY can tell me God ain’t real. Because I went through so much, I can’t help but to walk confidently into 2017. I’m believing this year to be one of the best. I’m believing this year to be full of development. I’m believing this year to be purpose driven. I’m believing this year I will receive love and give love. I believe this year God will get the glory from me and I can’t wait to see all the seeds I’ve planted come into fruition.

Bring it on 17′

Happy New Year Queens!



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