Daily Queen Devotional: Day 1

Day 1. 

UQ Message of day: Your Royalty Comes from His Blood.

Dear Queen,

A monarchy is a system of government in which a state or country is ruled by a Queen or King. The authority of that ruler is usually inherited, generally through blood-line/ descent.

In the beginning, God in all of His majesty allowed for you to have dominion over the things of this earth. This dominion that was created by God was freely given to his precious children, and that includes you. 

You Queen, have royalty not by your blood but, by Jesus Christ’s blood shed on Calvary. 

Because Jesus shed his blood, because he suffered, because he became a living sacrifice for the entire world , we are now reconciled back to God.

But wait, there is more…

The bad news:
Although we have royalty, authority, and dominion we are still susceptible to pain, hurt, strongholds, and struggles. 

The good news:

Christ endured pain, and struggles and we share in that. But all the more, we share in His glory!

He is the victor in our victories.

He is what is blessed in our blessings.

He gives us the ability to rule over the struggles of life by tapping into our authority as daughters of a King. 

You can never lose, when victory was inherited to you.

Your royalty comes from His blood.


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