Daily Queen Devotional Day 3: Personal Growth Causes Strife

Dear Queen,

Three things cause strife in your life when you experience personal growth. They are

1. The enemy

2. Those around you 

3. Your comfort zone

The enemy is not happy that you are growing from destructive and toxic ways of your past and will create havoc anyway he can until you give up and he has regained control over your life.
Those around you will not always be supportive of your new found zeal for life. They will reinforce past bad habits. They will embarrass or backhandedly compliment you. Or they will distance themselves from you all together. However, these types of actions are evidence you are going in the right direction.
Your comfort zone is a product of stagnancy, fear, and insecurity. At your comfort zone you will find that you have little to no risk, all your relationships are perfect or perfectly toxic, and that you have a sense of unfulfillment. Once you leave your comfort zone, you will feel like you’re at odds with your own self. The feeling is scary, and running will seem like the only natural option. Don’t fear.
 Soon you will notice that change is not only the inevitable, but it’s necessary for you to be the woman you were created to be. 

Queen, your growth means digging up some deeply rooted weeds in your life. Toxicity doesn’t want you to bloom. Your growth means keeping strong in the face of opposition. Keep growing, keep striving, and keep your eyes on Christ. 


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