Daily Queen Devotional Day 4: Competing With Brokenness 

“Why can’t I have what she has?”

“Why does she get to have that?”

“So, she can have that, while I’m stuck with this?”

“She must think she is better…”

“I don’t get why I put in all this work, yet she…”

Dear Queen,

 She doesn’t have more than you, she has what belongs to her, and if it’s not rightfully hers God will remove it from her. Her portion doesn’t invalidate yours. 

I ask you Queen, are you after the hand of God, or God himself?
Because, if you’ve run the race to achieve the prize which is Christ you would never gaze with green eyes to what another’s race looks like. 

I get it, sometimes our gifts don’t shine as bright as they used to. We sometimes, on the road to our wins encounter so many losses that it becomes tempting to grab ahold of someone else’s trophy. 

Have they really won? Or have they just learned to realize they win when they know Who won is within.
Have they really won? Or have they acknowledged that despite their losses, brokenness, and pains that they have much to gain with Him?

The truth is, you’ve started to compete with brokenness and thought you’d eventually feel whole. You bought the bag, the car, the clothes, you won the promotion, you tied down the attractive man all because you didn’t feel enough. 
You scrolled down her social media and envied the attention she got, so you spent twice the money, and sacrificed twice the energy to have what God didn’t plan for you.

You weren’t a witness to her tears, her prayers, her sacrifices, her detours, her obedience despite feeling she’d never get anywhere. You didn’t see the fear rise up in her as she weighed being patiently faithful to God over just immediately satisfying herself. 

You maybe even perhaps missed the fact that for her to keep that thing you want, she had to compromise the very values that you claim you stand upon.
Competing with her brokenness because you don’t feel whole.

Queen, is jealousy, pride, and envy worth the discontent in self? Does seeing half the picture really feed your desires? Does seeing her drive, drive you, or keep you from your own destiny?

Set your eyes on the right One.


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