Daily Queen Devotional Day 5: Open Heart Surgery

If you could only see in the spiritual the effects of what you do in the physical. If only you could see how every action taken place in the natural is a direct impact on your spiritual state.  
Take this example of your heart. You may worry, you may smoke, you may drink, you may eat unhealthy and in result your heart grows weak. Naturally your heart can’t withstand the attacks that come up against it. It has no choice but to fail physically and spiritually. 
The only solution sometimes may be open heart surgery.
We get upset that we’ve allowed for our unhealthy habits to get us this far. We entrusted ourselves with well, ourselves. We thought the very person who brought us to sickness can also heal us. For a moment, we believed that our own strength can be made perfect in our weakness. We have kicked God out of the equation, and were left to make sense out of our own messes. 
The truth is, you need this surgery, and you know it. 
You need the Surgeon to do a work in you. You need him to tell you to leave the alcohol alone and drink of Him. You need Him to tell you to put down the unhealthy meal and eat of His word. You need him to equip you for the work that needs to be done in you.
Don’t be afraid of open heart surgery.
The operating table is where miracles happen. There, He may even place in you a new heart. There is a high chance you might die, but the Surgeon gives life. As He breathes his life into you, he keeps you stabilized. On the operating table he takes out the waste you’ve been living off of. All the abandonment, rejection, shame, anger, depression, and brokenness come face to face with the Surgeon. 
He loves this part of His job…
He knows you held them close to your heart for far too long. You know, the things that have been clogging you from healing. Those memories, the un-forgiveness, the hurt. Those things created habits in you that helped you cope, not heal. Deal, but not be delivered. 
He’s committed to His covenant with you. He won’t lose you, not even when the chances are high on that operating table. He is dedicated to the condition of your heart. He concerns himself with what concerns you. 

Let the Surgeon perform, Queen.
Open heart surgery.


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