Daily Queen Devotional Day Seven: Queens Hiding in the Garden

After Eve and Adam had the forbidden fruit, God called out to Adam in the garden, and had asked “Where are you?” 
Adam had said to God, “I was afraid, because I was naked.” Adam, like many of us, found issue with being naked before God. After seeing all the wrong he had done, and giving into temptation, Adam finally saw himself for what he was. It wasn’t the image bearer of God that he was, it wasn’t the ruler over everything that God proclaimed him to be, it was simply Adam- a man who followed his flesh into a place out of God’s will. God simply had one question, “Adam, where are you?” 
Queen, if I may ask, where are you? Are you hiding outside the will of your Father and hoping your mistakes go unseen?
I’m sure you thought you knew what you were doing when you entered into that certain situation. But now you’ve actually seen that it’s left you empty, broken, and disobedient. I’m sure to know that God has his eyes on you makes you feel even more condemned than loved- I’ve been there.
But, before you feel condemned, before you sleep in shame, before you move onto another situation that will ultimately break you down again, just come out from hiding and answer God’s calls to you. 
Naked, vulnerable, a hot mess, God wants to know where you are. 
The thing is about the story of Adam and Eve in Genesis, God knew and saw all the events that transpired.

He knew that Eve ate from the forbidden.

He knew she was deceived. 

 He knew she felt unworthy of being seen. 

But, His call out to Adam and Eve was not simply to have an update on their location, it was a question for them to reflect on the status of their heart. 
Queen, don’t cover up, don’t hide, don’t push under the rug. When you show God that you are naked. He covers you. A few verses later we see that God gave correction to Adam and Eve and then took off what they thought clothed their nakedness away, and He covered them properly.

I pray today, if you are somewhere in hiding, you come out and seek God.

Where are you Queen?


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