Daily Queen Devotional Day 10: Pursuing Slavery

Dear Queen,

Even in all our royalty there comes a time where we begin to question if we are really all that God says we are. We wonder if we really are experiencing his provision in our lives. We wonder if he is truly leading us into our promise. 
Somehow, we mistake ourselves into thinking God is not for us, and instead of running to him, we runaway from him. We see him as the God who will hurt us and not the God who has helped us.
So we turn on a soft melody as we think to the past…
We think about how lovely the pay check was from our old job without remembering how miserable we were at the old job. 
We think about all the moments of lust disguised as intimacy we shared with an ex who proved he could never really love us.
We think about the friends we would spend so much time with, without remembering how toxic it really was.
So as we look to our past with soft music playing, and with rose colored glasses. We prepare our minds for the return back to slavery. 
We don’t want God’s provision anymore, we don’t want his direction anymore, nor do we want his protection… we just want false affections from old slave masters who kept us in perfect bondage…

Devotion continued in day 11…


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