Daily Queen Devotional Day 12: Convictions Should be Commitments

Dear Queen,

On Monday you woke up angry and so it made sense to curse out that lady who cut you off and took your parking spot 
Tuesday you were depressed, so you secluded yourself and went on about how unfair life is to you

Wednesday you felt lonely, so you text the guy who wants nothing serious from you to come by your house.

Friday you felt hungry so it only made sense to overeat that night you went out with friends.

When Sunday came around you felt happy again and sang in church about how much you love God.

But, in his word it says those who love him follow his commandments.

Dear Queen, his convictions should be your commitments.

A daily commitment.

You wanted to follow his commandments, but instead you followed your emotions. And in the moment everything was warranted. Your anger was because of other people, your depression was because of everything you’re missing, your loneliness was because you don’t feel loved, but you never looked at you. You thought it was okay to operate in your emotions because “God knows your heart.” But, why have you never looked in your heart to ask “why does my heart always have its way?”

Why is everything always about how you feel? 

Queen whatever you don’t rule will always rule over you.


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