Daily Queen Devotional Day 13: The Benchmark

When I was in grade school every semester my school would give the class an exam called the Benchmark that measured how well we were learning the material given to us so far. Around that time students would study just to pass but never really retain any of the information that was given, but hey, at least we passed right?
Only in real life, these type of tests prepared us to only learn how to get by. We were taught how to store information without really learning how to apply it outside of the tests.
It might be why so many of us can excel in scholarly intelligence, but lack emotional intelligence.
We lack the capacity to learn from challenges. We make the same choices over and over again despite our knowledge from past experiences. 
God the administrator of our challenges knows he can’t elevate you until he can see you’re prepared for the next level. So what does he do? Like any good teacher, he has us retake our tests over and over again.
Have you found yourself repeating the same lesson? It might be that over and over again you’re deciding to do the opposite of God’s instruction. You might be at the same dead end job because you’re refusing to listen to God when he’s telling you to go back to school. You might be having trouble in a new relationship because you’re refusing to listen to God when he tells you to forgive an ex. Are you picking up on a pattern here? 

Dissatisfaction and delay comes when you refuse to listen to instruction. Your lessons seem repetitive because your giving elementary answers to secondary school tests.

Don’t get stuck in the Benchmark like I did. I had the knowledge but refused to apply it. Ask yourself what tests you need to pass today Queen.


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