Daily Queen Devotional Day 15: The Art of Letting Go

I think the most impactful thing I heard about letting go was one night at church when a pastor came to visit and mentioned how God spoke to him during his wife’s funeral and said that “All relationships aside from Me, are temporary”. 
I remember thinking “really God? At the man’s wife funeral though?!” 
This was a constant theme for me this in the past year. I went from pulling people by the leg that even hinted at wanting to leave me to embracing the gift of goodbye. I haven’t learned this gift to be bitter or to embrace the cut off culture that us millennials have. 
I’ve learned to say goodbye because nobody on this earth can make me whole, so I won’t keep a piece of them with me.
In that moment I realized that no relationship aside from God is sufficient. He’s made me completely content in knowing He is truly all I need for every void I have. When your heart fails you, when friends betray, when death happens, when people leave- He remains.

Don’t get caught up on goodbyes. Sometimes closure isn’t needed. Sometimes once last hug isn’t needed. Sometimes all you need is peace that God will carry you and not the relationship that you’ve let go or let go of you.
Blessings Queen!


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