Daily Queen Devotional Day 16: Pipe Love Dreams

Pipe love dreams. They feel like fantasies. They feel like unfulfilled dreams. It’s like you almost have it, but you think you don’t. You wish, pray, and hope for it but you never see it. So you speak it into existence, since you know, “God knows the desires of your heart, and if he placed that desire there he will meet it.” And every day you speak it, every day you post it on your vision board, every day you’re in expectation for it knowing that one day he will show up. 

Then one day…

One day he will see you and recognize you as a wife. One day he’ll say you’re the one he’s been waiting for. One day you’ll wake up as he is fast asleep and thank God for him. One day you’ll see that the wait was worth it. One day you won’t see these desires as love pipe dreams and know that God has visions of love. 


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