Daily Queen Devotional Day 17: Diary of a Mad Christian Woman




Pissed off.

Simply over it.





You’re just mad..

Because deep inside, sometimes the best way to describe those feelings is by just saying you’re mad. You’re mad at your circumstances, you’re mad at people, you’re even mad at God.
Deep down, you want to be a good woman of God who has deep faith, prays three times a day, is always kind, employee of the month, and always put together.
But it just seems like everything is a trial. You can’t catch a break. It seems like life just likes to test you. Why does life test us?
“Because you know the testing of your faith produces perseverance.” James 1:3 

You do know that right? You know everything is falling apart for a reason right? 
You’re mad? Okay cool, then what? He hurt you, she hurt you, they hurt you, but at some point you have to pick up the pieces and say Here God, make me whole.” 
The thing is, no person can make right the wrong a person did, not even the person who did it,  Jesus already paid that price. He says “come to ME, all who weary and broken hearted. I will give you rest.” He will give rest, not the person who hurt you. 

Because until you rest in the joy of what God did and does for you, you’ll always be the bitter, angry, mad, Christian woman. Instead of the forgiving, joyful, peaceful woman you’re supposed to be.

Blessings Queens!


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