Daily Queen Devotional Day 19: Damage Control 

Dear Queen,
Sometimes we carry damage that is covered through facades like our jobs, our studies, and even our smiles. We present to the outside wholeness when inside we know we are breaking apart. We think we can put out the fire by ignoring it. We cover our messes by pushing it under the rug. 
We do damage control.
We try to stop the whispers about us. We beg our friends to be keepers of our secrets instead of protectors of our hearts. We act as if imperfection doesn’t exist. The thing is, the more we try to keep our world from falling apart we create even bigger messes.
We fight battles we are not equipped for. We present ourselves as strong when we know we don’t have strength. 
The thing is about damage control is that the damage is already done we just think that we are in control, when really we are denying God his glory by not allowing for him to fight our battles for us. 
When we don’t let the one in control take control we show up to our gun fight with a knife. We forget our armor isn’t any old weapon but, it’s his strength. You’ve already done the damage, just let him take control.


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