Daily Queen Devotional Day 24: Ugly Truths

I’m not sure if I’d do well married because I really love my personal space, and putting myself first over others. Guess I’m selfish.

Im a mess, a lot of the time my room reflects the state of mind: cluttered, and busy.

My rejection issues will always belittle your importance to me. It’s my form of protection.

I hide behind my schedule, it allows me to say I’m too busy to face conflict. 

My anger gets the best of me…a lot 

 I hate sharing my past and my secrets, it allows me to cut out relationships easier. If I didn’t share anything with you, I can’t say you took from me.

The point of my confessions?

I have ugly truths…even truths more uglier than this. Every time I face them in the mirror I want to look away. Every time I try to dress them up, or act as if they don’t exist they seep through. 
 Culture tells me to call them beautiful disasters, or perfect flaws, but that’s romanticizing them. I don’t like to flirt with these things.

They are ugly! Their names are sin, pride and selfishness. They need to be corrected and cut off, not embraced. 

What are your truths and are you correcting them? 


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