Daily Queen Devotional Day 25: Destiny Denied

Dear Queen, 

Imagine going through years of schooling, waking up early and going to sleep late, and sacrificing time with loved ones. Then one day you slack off ! You do major damage and do all the things you’re not supposed to do, and then you find yourself in the dean’s office finding out you can’t graduate.
That’s sounds like such a waste right?

And it is… but we do everyday with God presiding over us like a dean, giving us lessons, and we pass them with flying colors but, then that moment comes. That moment that we don’t feel like we’ve progressed, and we accept stagnancy, and fall in love with idleness and we begin to slack off.
You know, slack off, drink past our limit that one time, text our ex that one time, hang out with that friend that we know easily influences us just that one time. Then one time transitions into consistently and before we know it when it’s time to graduate and get to the next level God denies us.

And we take a step back and think, think “Deny? But how? I’ve worked so hard! ”
But God really didn’t deny you, you denied yourself destiny.
You exempted yourself from walking into the will God has for your life by saying you rather your will be done.How can you walk into a set aside path when you haven’t stayed set aside? You were standing in the middle of your future destiny but stepped out of it and now you’re wondering why you’ve haven’t experienced progress.

Queen, it’s time to step back into destiny. It’s time to acknowledge that God truly knows the plans he says he had for you and have it.

Have your destiny Queen… he’s handing it to you. 


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