Daily Queen Devotional Day 27: Does your Feather Match your flock?

Dear Queen,

We’ve all heard that saying that birds of a feather walk together…

But I ask you Queen, does your feather match your flock?

A friend should be someone who builds you up and reminds you of your foundation. She is the woman you can call on and expect a faithful ear. It’s the girl who pushes you and isn’t afraid to correct you. 

Over the years I’ve made many friends. Some have stayed, some have gone. Some have encouraged me, some have disqualified me. Some friends have told me the truth about myself, some have told me pretty lies. All have taught me lessons. 

I can say these experiences I’ve had from forming these friendships have shown me that women shouldn’t give up on each other and disqualify the true friendship that other woman can offer. 

Every queen needs other queens in her corner. 

I believe this wholeheartedly because I wouldn’t be me if I didn’t have queens in my corner. Women, we are life givers, and in that skill comes the ability to elevate, strengthen, and foster growth in each other. 

In the moments I was slipping if I didn’t have a friend that’d call me out and tell me to get it together I’d never reach the next level that God wants me to walk in. 

If I didn’t have a friend who could speak life to me, I would always hold onto dead things. 

Queen, find you some queens! You need a lifter, a pusher, and a do-er in your life. Even If that means breaking out your “no new friends” shell, even if it means upgrading your circle, even if its letting go of the dead end friendships. 

Does your feather match your flock?


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