The Healing Center

Imagine a place called “The Healing Center” This center is a large building, split up into four rooms. One is for finances and monetary needs. A second for emotional needs, a third for physical health, and a fourth for spiritual needs. 

The representative for the finance room says in order for you have all your financial needs met you need to go through several steps and then you’ll have everything you need. You leave feeling amazed at how you can finally gain control of your money.

The representative from the physical health room is a personal trainer and he tells you how he can train you and gives you instructions on how to get into the best shape of your life. You think “Great! Now I can have money, health, and a great body.”

Then you go into the emotional needs room and the representative is a life coach. She tells you her take on the issues of your life and says she can solve all your emotional issues. You sigh in relief, you think you now have all the problems fixed in your life.

After leaving the first three rooms, you’re ready to go home. You almost pass by the spiritual room but, the representative calls your name and says come in. You say, “I’m good! I have my money, health, and emotional needs taken care of, there’s not much else you can do for me.” The representative says to you, “You think you have it taken care of, but those rooms only gave you words that can fade, but I give power to the other rooms.”

You look at him.
He looks at you.

You look at him, and say “Well what do you mean?”

The representative smiles at you and says, “In 2008, you worked hard and saved and did everything the guy in the finance room told you to, but when the recession hit you lost almost everything right?”

“Yes, but how did you…”

“And your grandmother ate nothing but greens and fruits, and took her daily walks like the trainer told you to do but she still got diagnosed with cancer, right?”

“Listen, I didn’t come into this room to talk about…”

“And you’ve read so many books, and shows about how to be your best you before, but you still don’t have joy, why is that?”

Now in tears you say, “How do you know I’m not happy?” 

The representative smiles, “The thing is about this place is that everyone always goes to the other rooms, before they go to me. They think if they rely on money that all their problems will be solved, so that’s why the finance representative gives “how to get rich” tips, but can’t promise abundance. Then, they go to the trainer who does indeed give good advice but he can’t promise life. Then they see the life coach who says she can pinpoint the problems in your life, but she can’t promise you joy. But God, the representative of this room can promise you all three without giving you false guarantees.”

“So, you’re saying what God can give me is better than everything I’ve already been offered?” The representative laughs and and says, “I’m saying, keep the advice the other rooms gave you, but, remember that God is the source, and everything else is just a re-source.  The problem is, people like connecting to resources, even though THE Source is ultimately what they need. You see, God is the Source for abundance, health, peace, and healing. God is the healing center.”


Queen, we all go somewhere to fill our needs, the problem is when we actually go to a place that only gives temporary fixes, but not complete healing. Have you connected to your Source? Have you visited your healing place? 


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