An Open Letter to My Future Daughter 

Dear Future Daughter,
Before I say anything else I’d like to apologize. I’d like to apologize for times where my love is imperfect. My only intention is to be the hand you hold as you walk the path that God has set for you. I only want more for you, than I could ever give to myself. I want you to be more than you could ever dream to be, and everything God wants you to be.
Baby girl, I want you to know you’re loved by a magnificent, wonderous, beautiful Creator who knew your name even while you were still in my womb. Before you were even a thought to my head, you were a creation that existed by your Father. No not Daddy, but the Father of your daddy, the One who knew me too, the One who knew your endings and beginnings. I know I’ve attempted to edge those truths into your heart so by now it may have become redundant. But baby, I don’t only want you to know this truth but walk in it, be confident in it, and never let anyone take it from you.
When I was a girl, uncertainty was synonymous with my character. I was a playground for the enemy to toss his confusion over. I wanted the wrong attention, and set my affections on things that could never love me. After awhile I was tired of my joy being robbed, my peace being killed, and my desire for life being destroyed. That’s why at 19 the girl in me decided I wanted to be a woman who would fight.
My princess, the generation before you battled with depression, anger, insecurities, false identities, and shame. Only by Jesus, were your parents made more than conquerers over every attack at our lineage. When you were created you were born with that same fight in you. You won’t have to fight our battles, but you will have to fight your own. Today, and every day where we both are breathing I commit to equipping you with weapons that cannot be deployed in the carnal. I commit to teaching you the ‘hows’ and ‘whys’ we guard our hearts, put on the belt of truth, and shield of faith.

When you opened your eyes, I was the first woman your eyes laid behold of. I am your first example of womanhood. Your personality has traces of mine. Your way of doing things are actions engrained into you by your Dad and I. Your femininity was developed after watching me. The way you relate to men parallels how I relate to your father and brothers. The way you carry yourself is a reflection of the way I honor myself. You have not fall far from your tree. I hope you are proud of that. You are my daughter, and I am your mother. 

My love for you is constant, it doesn’t shift when conditions change. There is absolutely nothing you can do that will ever change my love for you. I pray that a safe place in me is created when you feel weary of life experiences. This doesn’t mean that I don’t have the ability to hurt your feelings, but even with tears I caused I commit to showing my love all the more. I commit to holding you accountable to your mistakes, but never neglecting to see the errors in my own ways. 
My daughter, I want you to witness me practicing what I preach. If God has called us to walk like Him, I want you to see my flawed human footprints be in resemblance to those of Christ. 

Before I get to you, I know I have serious work to do. I haven’t even met your dad yet! I picture him somewhere maturing into the man of God he’s supposed to be, as I develop closer to the image of Christ. I know we both will carry baggage, experiences, and secrets that need to be dealt with and placed into the hands of God and under a marriage covenant before my womb opens for you. Yet still, you are anticipated, even if you come unexpectedly or with more time than expected.

My daughter, you are a precious jewel, a fruit of my womb, and a carrier of God’s presence. You are adored by me, and loved by your Father. You are my daughter, but furthermore His daughter, and that’s what I want you to never forget.

Your mother…


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