GIANTS: Shoot Your Shot


Those gigantic, humongous, insecurity provoking, fear mongering, faith stretching, unbelief maximizing things that we all deal with, that I personally like to run away from until I have no choice but to shoot my slingshot at it and pray for the best.
…it’s either that, or procrastinate my life away until the Giant gets tired and moves on to its next victim.

I have to admit, sometimes I even let these Giants have their way with me, but then God tugs on me, and says “nah Daughter, I didn’t redeem you from the very hands of Satan and death for you to be no punk”
Okay, God may not say it like that, but I picture if he spoke Ebonics…never mind.


I feel like I have a giant for my purpose

A giant for my family life.
A giant for how I overcome my self-esteem
A giant that keeps me from the total vulnerability necessary for functioning in present and potential relationships.
A giant for e v e r y t h i n g

But, even with this giant towering over my 5’4 and a half ( I never forget the half) stature I have to shoot my shot.Even if I’m the most unlikely person in my family to do anything but stay at home and tend to my mediocrity, I have to shoot my shot. 

Even if my “ifs” seem greater than my chances of winning, I have to, have to, have to shoot my shot at this giant.

Because my story, my excuses, and my “ifs”, are not enough. My “buts” are not enough either.

“I wanted to make this move, but…”
-“buts are demonic” – Pastor Emmanuel Daphnis, Author of “Work God’s Way” (An amaaaazing book that helps you work on purpose. Find it on his Instagram: @Pastormannyd)

Queen, you have no obligation to be intimidated by some giants that are all talk and no bite. Do you know who you belong to? 
Giants feed off substance-less fears, and off power within the moves you never made.
Im not sure you understand what I just said…
The most high, all knowing, all powerful God also gives you power. And instead of maximizing your life and purpose on that power you practically give it away to these giants by giving into fear. 
You can’t be of royalty but still operate in a mind of poverty. When God enriches you with ability, strength, and boldness how can you say you’re going to let some giants inhabit every sphere of your life.

How could I have ever said that?

Do I know who I belong to?

Shoot your shot Queens. 


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