Open Letter to Myself: A Future Letter for 30

Dear Rose,

You are currently 23. A Rosebud as some have joked because there is much to bloom in you. You are in discovery of many things. Things such as, your purpose, giftings, truth, how to be a master of self, and most importantly how to be more like Christ.

I admit, it’s difficult, in some ways you work more on being the greatest version of yourself rather than becoming the Standard set for yourself which is Christ. 

You often struggle with the “what ifs” and “how longs” to life such as, what if I don’t make a decent sized income that could sustain a home and comfortable lifestyle, or how long until I set my eyes on my husband, and kids that you day dream of. 

You not only struggle, but fear the possibility of never receiving the things you imagine, you believe that God can do exceedingly more than you could ever think or ask for but you don’t think he had those things in mind.

Rose, doubt is your friend right now. She irks me. I keep telling you to cut her off, but you refuse to listen. Your think your fears bring reason to your dreams. They don’t, stop trying to rationalize God’s word when he says “all things are possible” I hope 30 brings much more faith than your younger years.

I hope you’ve understood by now how loved you are beyond measure by God. Yes, you struggle, yes you’re flawed, yes you’ve probably fallen a thousand times since 23 but God still loves you. You’re still a gem that is precious in His sight. 

I’m not sure if you’re single, or married by this point, but I hope you maintained your desire to wait for God’s best. Your ex flames, and small crushes were not men that God thought you’d be a suitable helper to, so I hope you let them go, yes especially him. 

I hope thirty finds you in entrepreneurial wisdom that pushes forth more faith inspired books, and knowledge on how to accrue and maintain wealth. I hope you’re still as giving as that girl who would give her last dollar just so somebody else could eat.

May you find yourself connected to strong women. Strong, driven, and wise women who push you to be even greater than you could ever think of. I hope you’ve stopped chasing after lifeless friendships that only took from you and didn’t inspire you. I hope you’ve found that mentor that you’ve secretly been praying for since 20, and have humbled yourself to receive wisdom from anyone even if you think you already know the answer.

Entering into your thirties is a major life transition sweet Rose. Many people reach their “aha” moments that spark the catalyst of their entire life in their thirties. Presidents, celebrities, designers, and other notables did not enter into a different realm of purpose until their thirties including your Savior Jesus Christ.

But, 30 isn’t only about tangible successes, I want you to be able to taste the victories of the things you won internally. My prayer is that you’ve died to self. Yes, that you died to every thing that even whispers the struggles of your former days. I pray you don’t feel a sense of superiority, but rather that you have walked in authority. I hope your prettiness on the outside is nothing compared to the beauty on the inside. I hope shame, unforgiveness, condemnation, anger, regret, and bitterness has been cast out of your sweet spirit and made its home in hell’s abyss. You are thirty, and not as young as you once were, but you still are a child of God.

Your twenty three year old self is holding you accountable for the things you did not change in the past seven years, but also hopes you remain in the constant, unrefutable truths of your life which are:

1. You are a woman of great worth.

2. You are of royalty.

3. You a child of the King’s

Take excitement in thirty.


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